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Examples: "", "tryptophan synthase"
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Use this search tool to find reactions based on the compounds they include. You can enter up to four sets of compound names. Use the autocomplete functionality to select exact names, since names that are not exact matches will be ignored. Each line can contain either a single compound or multiple compounds separated by ORs. A reaction will match if it includes any one of those compounds either as a reactant or product. If you specify compounds on different lines separated by ANDs, a reaction will match only if it includes at least one compound from each line. If you specify compounds on a line prefaced by AND NOT, a reaction will match only if it does not include any of the compounds on that line.
Examples for acceptable entries are: "L-tryptophan", "pyruvate", "an aldehyde"
Search/Filter by whether or not reaction is catalyzed by an enzyme
Include only the following:

Enzyme-catalyzed reactions for which an enzyme has been identified
Enzyme-catalyzed reactions for which no enzyme has been identified (pathway holes)
Spontaneous reactions for which no enzyme is required

If none of the above boxes are checked, this section will be ignored.
Search/Filter by ontology
Browse the reaction ontology to a specific reaction, or select one or more reaction classes to filter your query to retrieve only members of those classes. Example: Retrieve only Macromolecule-Reactions.
Search/Filter by cellular location
Select one or more cell compartments to filter the result to only include reactions that occur in those compartments. Transport reactions will not be included. Example: Retrieve only reactions that occur in the cytosol.

Note: Only search criteria that have been checked at the time the query is submitted are included in the query. If multiple search criteria are specified, then results must satisfy ALL of them. For more search options, see the Advanced Search page. For more details on how to use this and other search facilities, see the Search Help page.

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