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Authors: Ron Caspi1, Carol A Fulcher1, Anamika Kothari1, Markus Krummenacker1, Mario Latendresse1, Suzanne Paley1, Pallavi Subhraveti1, Peifen Zhang2, Sue Rhee2, Hartmut Foerster3, Lukas Mueller3, Peter D Karp1

1SRI International, 2Carnegie Institution for Science, 3Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research

The MetaCyc database contains a collection of metabolic pathways and enzymes from a variety of organisms, primarily microorganisms and plants. MetaCyc is curated on an ongoing basis.

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Citations: [Caspi18]

Enzymatic Reactions:16055
Transport Reactions:651
Protein Complexes:4230
Transcription Units:0
Protein features:2196
GO Terms:7894

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Caspi18: Caspi R, Billington R, Fulcher CA, Keseler IM, Kothari A, Krummenacker M, Latendresse M, Midford PE, Ong Q, Ong WK, Paley S, Subhraveti P, Karp PD (2018). "The MetaCyc database of metabolic pathways and enzymes." Nucleic Acids Res 46(D1);D633-D639. PMID: 29059334

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