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Authors: Ron Caspi1, Carol A Fulcher1, Anamika Kothari1, Markus Krummenacker1, Mario Latendresse1, Suzanne Paley1, Pallavi Subhraveti1, Peifen Zhang2, Sue Rhee2, Hartmut Foerster3, Lukas Mueller3, Peter D Karp1

1SRI International, 2Carnegie Institution for Science, 3Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research

The MetaCyc database contains a collection of metabolic pathways and enzymes from a variety of organisms. MetaCyc is curated on an ongoing basis.

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Citations: [Caspi19]

Enzymatic Reactions:16159
Transport Reactions:655
Protein Complexes:4264
Transcription Units:0
Protein features:2231
GO Terms:8010

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Caspi19: Caspi R, Billington R, Keseler IM, Kothari A, Krummenacker M, Midford PE, Ong WK, Paley S, Subhraveti P, Karp PD (2019). "The MetaCyc database of metabolic pathways and enzymes - a 2019 update." Nucleic Acids Res. PMID: 31586394

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