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MetaCyc EC -- carboxylesterase

Parent Class: EC-Numbers3 -- Hydrolases3.1 -- Acting on ester bonds3.1.1 -- Carboxylic ester hydrolases

Synonyms: ali-esterase, B-esterase, monobutyrase, procaine esterase, vitamin A esterase, butyryl esterase, carboxyesterase, carboxylate esterase, carboxylic esterase, methylbutyrate esterase, triacetin esterase, carboxyl ester hydrolase, butyrate esterase, methylbutyrase, α-carboxylesterase, propionyl esterase, nonspecific carboxylesterase, esterase D, esterase B, esterase A, serine esterase, carboxylic acid esterase, cocaine esterase

Systematic Name: carboxylic-ester hydrolase

Unification Links: BRENDA:, ENZYME:, IUBMB-ExplorEnz:

a carboxylic ester + H2O → an alcohol + a carboxylate + H+

Unofficial Reactions:
methyl (indol-3-yl)acetate + H2O → indole-3-acetate + methanol + H+,
all-trans-retinyl palmitate + H2O → a retinol + palmitate + H+,
an all-trans-retinyl ester + H2O → all-trans-retinol + a long-chain fatty acid + H+,
salicyl-6-hydroxy-2-cyclohexene-on-oyl + H2O → 6-hydroxy-2-cyclohexen-one-carboxylate + salicyl alcohol + H+,
a methyl jasmonate + H2O → a jasmonic acid + methanol + H+,
1-O-methylsalicylate + H2O → salicylate + methanol + H+,
all-trans-retinyl palmitate + H2O → all-trans-retinol + palmitate + H+

Enzymes and Genes:
pimeloyl-[acp] methyl ester esterase: bioH ( Escherichia coli K-12 substr. MG1655 )
carboxylesterase 3: CES3 ( Homo sapiens )
liver carboxylesterase 1: CES1 ( Homo sapiens )

Wide specificity. The enzymes from microsomes also catalyse the reactions of EC (arylesterase), EC (lysophospholipase), EC (acetylesterase), EC (acylglycerol lipase), EC (acylcarnitine hydrolase), EC (palmitoyl-CoA hydrolase), EC (amidase) and EC (aryl-acylamidase). Also hydrolyses vitamin A esters.

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